About Siaraa

Siaraa Technologies works with a single minded focus on quality and with consultation and implementation skills that far exceed those of its competitors, and is your ideal IT security success partner.

  • Understanding
    Our Clients

    Siaraa Technologies focuses on understanding the unique challenges facing our clients and leverages heavily on our industry experience to offer the best possible solution. This comes from a thorough understanding of the client’s business model, short-term goals, employee habits and finally the changes desired all while aligning to security industry directions. Armed with this knowledge Siaraa is capable of recommending products and solutions that are a snug fit with the organization’s needs.

  • Providing

    Innovation is the calling card of Siaraa Technologies. Each and every team member is dedicated to evaluating a client’s problem from different perspectives before deciding on a solution. Siaraa doesn’t say ‘It’s Impossible’. From a stellar track record of successfully executed projects, it has the skill needed to handle out-of-the-box software or execute jobs that require considerable customization for the perfect resolution of customer issues.

  • Commitment
    to Quality

    Siaraa Technologies works with the market leaders. From SailPoint to CyberArk it has mastered the offerings of multiple providers who are labeled the best in the business. Our resources are all certified and we only partner with the most qualified resources for the requirements.

  • End-to-End

    A business can buy a security and access management solution from any vendor in the market. Often providers compete on cost. Siaraa Technologies competes on domain expertise. When a business brings Siaraa onboard it is guaranteed of expert analysis and review of its existing systems, thoughtful solutions based on years of experience and newer technology breakthroughs, detailed project documentation, and a strict adherence to deadlines. Siaraa also provides training to corporate clients and brings them up to speed regarding their newly implement software.

Our Solution Partners

Siaraa has always been committed to quality excellence and so are our partnerships. Our focus on providing the industry’s best solutions to our clients is exemplified by these agreements. SailPoint and CyberArk have been a clear market and Gartner Magic Quadrant leaders and so, our fit together is an excellent one.

A Partner You Can Count On

Closely associated with the core sentiment of ‘purity’, Siaraa envisions itself as a comprehensive security solutions provider that simplifies the often misunderstood and complicated dynamics at play in the bid to provide the right information to the right enterprise employees for the right reasons. Identity management, access management, governance and compliance are crucial disciplines for the sustained success of business ventures. But a vendor needs to look past the software to be deployed and the protocol to be set up and understand the real problems that an enterprise faces around data security.

Siaraa Technologies is the experienced and empathetic provider that a company can rely on as an IT partner. The team is comprised of seasoned veterans who have been operating in the Identity and Access Management (IAM) niche for decades and individual members specialized in key areas of data security and permission control solution deployment.

Commited to Our Mission & Clients

Siaraa Technologies has a simple mission. It looks to accurately assess the threats to the data and access management of an enterprise, collaborate with company experts to structure solutions that do not force employees to change their work habits or their workflows and deploy the chosen software competently for substantial ROI that can be realized quickly.

We are committed to maintaining the integrity of company and business data because we understand that in the Age of Information, Big Data is not just a buzzword. It is the weapon with which enterprises can better understand their clients, the buying patterns and the overall drivers of growth. With Siaraa, this competitive advantage is consolidated, rendered accessible to stakeholders and protected from outsiders with malicious intent.

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