Security Architecture Assessment

When developing a security program, begin with the end in mind.

Once you’ve figured it out, repeat above.

Identify Efficiencies and
Rate you Maturity

  • Identity Lifecycle Management (ILM)
  • Authentication & Authorization Services
  • Security Development & Operations (SecDevOps)
  • IAM Governance
  • Roles and Access Management
  • Directory Services
  • Federation Services
  • Privilege Access Management (PAM)
  • Identity Audit & SIEM Integration
  • On Premise, Cloud & Hybrid Integrations
  • Emerging Security & AI

Rate Your Identity and Access Management Security Posture

Effective security planning is more than just a technology problem. It’s a critical business risk that can stifle your company in all aspects. Planning can occur at any maturity level and should be periodically repeated to ensure the path forward is still in line with business objectives and the general industry direction. At a high level, understanding your security posture entails an assessment which addresses the following key objectives.


  • Identify

    Siaraa will perform interviews of key IAM stakeholders, business owners, application owners, and information security personnel to determine the current business requirements, resources available to address known requirements, and to identify additional requirements for information security and/or IAM as yet undefined. We will validate current solution sets comprised of resources, methodologies, custom and vendor technologies within the organization to identify your business’ maturity rating with respect to Identity, Access, Governance, and Privileged Management.

  • Chart

    Siaraa will analyze and rank the IAM issues and requirements, map the existing resources (human and technological) to their ability to deliver solutions, and will outline a plan of action that is both pragmatic and cost-effective to the organization. Siaraa will then create an ideal future state architecture for IHG’s organization that will define what can reasonably be accomplished incrementally within a phased long-term roadmap or chart to successfully address the organization’s security services needs and vision.

  • Plan

    The delivered blueprint will include the implementation plan of several identity & access management components, processes, procedures, and/or technologies to build a solid identity & access management services framework to support the more efficient, more secure, and more effective delivery of security services in the future.

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