Access Management

Access management and governance complement identity management. If one handles who you are, the other manages what you can gain admittance to based on who you are.

Benefits of an Access Management Program

  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Federation Across Enterprise and Cloud Services
  • Speeder Integrations of Mergers and Aquisitions
  • Single Password
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Cohesive User Experience

Access Management and Governance is the Answer

Through access management, an enterprise can control who sees what and can even block certain user groups from gaining admittance. Siaraa Technologies offers cutting-edge solutions that allow businesses the flexibility to specify – with a surprising level of granularity the attributes of individuals who can access certain data sets and the circumstances under which that access can be revoked. Access management and access governance are done right to thwart breach attempts made by third parties as well as rogue stakeholders. They also come with analytics and intelligence modules that are capable of exposing system vulnerabilities that might jeopardize the entire organization.

  • Sign-On

    For various enterprise assets, sign-on control is an important part of robust access management. This module protects access to web-based services, enterprise application systems, and even cloud-based platforms as per centrally defined compliance and security policies. Also known as Single Sign-On, it permits employees the use of one set of authenticated credentials to gain admittance to multiple portals from multiple devices.

  • Authentication

    This controls how the sign on credentials presented by an employee are validated and the protocols that are referenced for the authentication. The central system validates the entered the username and password by tallying it with the details present in the database. Only upon successful match the user will be validated. Other factors included as part of authentication management is password management, mandatory password reset, session management etc.

  • Role Based
    Access Control

    This allows an entity like an enterprise to append privilege rights to the identities created and managed by the identity management system. The central system recognizes certain roles based on identity attributes like department, location, seniority and designation and allows the individuals who take on these roles limited or complete access to relevant data sets based on specified entitlements. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Mauris a congue nunc.

  • Access

    This is more stringent and policy based than mere access management. Siaraa Technologies is capable of deploying solutions that take into account pre-defined access and data security policies drafted by a business and create automated compliant workflows for access governance to information, strictly blocking out requests that pose a threat to the integrity or the exclusivity of the data. Access governance is typically more nuanced than access management with sliding rules that reject admittance to authenticated identities if the attributes related to the request go against company policies.

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